EASA Part 66 Technician Training B2 module 1 & 2 - Mathematics and Physics

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Mathematics is the basic language of science and technology. It is an exact language that has a vocabulary and meaning for every term. Since mathematics follows definite rules and behaves in the same way every time, aircraft mechanics and engineers use it as a basic tool. Upon completion of this module, students will be able to understand and apply various mathematical formulas including basic addition and subtraction, fractions and decimals, weights, proportions, areas and volumes, cubes and square roots used in aircraft maintenance. More intense math knowledge is also gained in algebra and geometry with binary numbering systems, logarithms, graphical representations, rectangular and polar coordinates and simple trigonometry.

The study of physics is important because so much of life today consists of applying physical principles to our needs. Most machines we use today require knowledge of physics to understand their operation. Upon completion of this module, students able to understand the basics of how the physical properties of matter and materials are measured. Introduction of the physics principles of statics, kinetics, dynamics of various types, optics, wave motion and sound are also covered. The thorough and extensive knowledge of physics required to truly understand how these principles apply to aircraft maintenance and engineering start with this module and continues with working experience.