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Flight Outfitters consistently leverages customer PIREPs to enhance our products, ensuring they deliver optimal performance for pilots. The iDeck Kneeboard is a prime example of ongoing product enhancements. Representing our 5th generation kneeboard design, the new and improved iDeck Kneeboard combines everything customers appreciated about previous generations with enhancements that customers specifically requested.

The new iDeck Kneeboard incorporates the same silicone holders found in our highly popular Deluxe Kneeboard, and both sizes the large and small iDeck Kneeboards come equipped with two silicone holders attached with Velcro. These iPad holders enable you to customize the layout of your kneeboard deck. The large iDeck Kneeboard includes a spacious silicone holder and a smaller one for an iPhone, while the small iDeck Kneeboard features an iPad mini holder and a cell phone holder. This configuration allows pilots to arrange both an iPhone and iPad on the main deck of the kneeboard, providing unparalleled flexibility and versatility. Alternatively, if you prefer a more traditional kneeboard layout with only the iPad on the deck, the iDeck Kneeboard also integrates the popular side EVA case from our Centerline Kneeboard. This fold-down EVA case serves as an additional writing surface or storage/display area on the kneeboard.

Among the other enhancements you’ll notice is a more adaptable strap designed to accommodate various leg sizes comfortably and securely. The iDeck Kneeboard also boasts a rotating deck that allows for both portrait and landscape viewing options. The user-friendly rotating mechanism enables seamless switching between these two viewing modes using just one finger.


  • Fold-down side platform
  • Center rotating point
  • Extra thick elastic strap
  • Non-slip underside
  • Silicone iPad holder
  • Padded back
  • Pen/stylus pocket 
  • Mesh pocket

The Flight Outfitters iDeck Kneeboard is offered in two sizes – Small and Large. The Small will accommodate all versions of the iPad Mini. The Large will accommodate iPad 5-9, iPad Air 1-4, and iPad Pro 9.7”-11″.