Pilots Don't Just Fall From Heaven

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Ding Duck - I Want to FlyIn Pilots Don’t Just Fall From Heaven, author Rudi Roedig takes a look at how to become a pilot—European-style. In this very humorous butknowledgeable presentation based on his own pilot training in Germany, Rudi Roedig shows the highlights of just what lengths the aviation world goes to to get pilots into the air . . . and keep them there. The book describes the long and often rocky path to the pilot’s seat. Along the way, the reader learns about flyers and their flying machines, crew personalities, and airline regulations, while simultaneously gaining many surprising insights into the day-to-day life of an airline pilot . . . all in Roedig’s relaxed, tongue-in-cheek style. The text is accompanied by delightfully comic drawings from aviation insider and artist Karl-Friedrich Krohn. An entertaining, well-informed read for both pilots and passengers, perfect for those long stopovers, one could say that Pilots Don’t Just Fall From Heaven constitutes a kind of “flyer’s answer to the beach book.”

170 pages, approx. 140 black-and-white illustrations, translated by Rebecca Aldinger-Rogers