In the pursuit of safer cockpit environments we are proud to represent genuine Dynafoam, the energy-absorbent seat-foam material widely used in civilian and military applications where safety and comfort are at a premium.
Dynafoam was originally designed for wheelchair applications where the sitting requirements of a disabled person are far more demanding than that of pilots, racing drivers, truck drivers and astronauts, all of who operate in environments where Dynafoam is increasingly being used. Today Dynafoam is used in the most advanced United States military aircraft on ejection seats where it can absorb tremendous impact forces without placing an extra load on the spine – as is common with normal soft foam. Dynafoam deforms at such a rate as to absorb the shock and rebound only slowly after the period of peak acceleration has passed.
Dynafoam is not only a market leader in impact absorption but also a comfortable alternative to everyday foam. It has a 100% open cell structure that allows maximum air circulation and is made from more than 50% plant derivatives; this formula lowers fire toxicity to the level that, if Dynafoam is burned, the resulting fumes are directly breathable for sustained periods. Dynafoam is generically a polyurethane elastomer, but is unique in chemical and physical properties making it an allclimate foam that can be used from freezing temperatures up to 300°F.
Following extensive testing at the Defence Research Agency (DERA), Centre for Human Sciences, Farnborough, in which Dynafoam was tested alongside normal soft foam, Dynafoam was found to “…significantly reduce pilot lumbar spine loads in heavy landings and accidents.” Further, after having been used in a training glider at Lasham Gliding Society, DERA concluded that “The foam retained its property of reducing spinal loads after four years intensive use in a training glider.” These tests, along with many others, have proven Dynafoam’s effectiveness in reducing the risk of spinal damage after a heavy impact/landing and that it will continue to do so after continuous use over long periods of time. In use in thousands of light aircraft worldwide, Dynafoam is constantly being ‘discovered’ for use in new applications where there is the risk of heavy spinal loads, such as Formula One Racing, off-road trials, horse riding and a multitude of others.