EASA Part 66 Technician Training A1 & B1.1 module 15 - Gas Turbine Engines

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This module is applicable only to those seeking a CAT A or B1 license, fixed wing or rotary wing. Covered subjects include airflow (energy flow) beginning at the engine air intake to the exhaust and which types of engine constructional arrangement suit individual primary missions. At the completion of this module, the student will be able to explain in great detail engine performance parameters at different points in the engine across all operational parameters, explain in detail different engine sections and components of various types of gas turbine engines, explain the purposes and functions of various types of bearing and seals, fuel and lubrication functions and systems, bleed air, starting and ignition, engine indication systems and power augmentation systems. Also covered in this module are turbo-prop and turbo-shaft engines, auxiliary power units, fire protection systems, removal and installation procedures, ground operations, and storage/preservation procedures of the engine and accessories/components.