Zodiac 601XL-B project

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For Sale: complete self build kit Zodiac 601XL-B (project)


Due to lack of time I hope that someone is interested in finishing this project. The building kit is complete. Including the upgrade to version B is bought and partly installed. All parts to finish the aircraft are present, except for the engine, firewall forward package and avionics



·        Rudder – completed

·        Stabilo – completed

·        Ailerons en flaps – completed

·        Wings   - one completed and upgrade installed

              - other one completed, but upgrade not installed

              - wing lockers on both wings

·        Fuselage and cabin with acrylic cockpit and monting kit -  not started

·        Aileron trim + stabile trim (electric including switch and indicator)

·        Complete with landing gear, wheels,  brakes, cilinders and pedals

·        2 wingtanks, fuelswitch, -pump, - filter and tubing

·        Drawings and visual building guide present


The different parts are carefully built and the critical components are covered with a thin layer of primer to avoid corrosion.

The total investment in the kit and materials is €16.500. I would like to sell to someone who can finish this beautiful airplane for €8.000.


Ron Marree (ron@marree.net)


+31 6 53 77 48 81



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