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With 2 USB ports and a power output of 18W, the USB-PD/QC charger from Ansmann offers the ideal charging solution for your devices.
The intelligent charging controller is compatible with Power Delivery & Quick Charge - optimizing the charging of your device at all times.

The Multisafe technology ensures safety throughout the charging process, should your devices not be compatible with Quick Charge or Power Delivery the charger will automatically adjust accordingly.
The very low standby consumption makes this charger not only efficient but also economical.

- USB charger with 2 USB ports (USB and USB-C) and 18 W
- Integrated Power Delivery (PD) and Quickcharge (QC) fast charging protocol
- Intelligent charging control ensures optimized charging
- Multisafe technology protects both your end devices and the charger
- Suitable for devices charged or used via USB-C
- Input: 100 - 240V AC the multi-voltage input enables worldwide use
- Output: 5 - 12V DC max. 3000mA

Charging current    
Mode Voltage Current Power
USB-A QC 5 V 3 A 15 W
USB-A QC 9 V 2 A 18 W
USB-A QC 12 V 1,5 A 18 W

USB-C PD 5 V 3 A 15 W
USB-C PD 9 V 2 A 18 W
USB-C PD 12 V 1.5 A 18 W

USB-A & USB-C 5.0 V 3 A 15 W