Aero-Sense Grandi-U2 De-icer 20kgs.

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  • Description
Grandi-U2 is a sodium formate-based de-icing/anti-icing product for airport runways, taxiways and aprons. Common salt or other chloride-based de-icers are not recommended for use in runway or apron de-icing due to their corrosive properties. The solid irregular granules can be used for curative (de-icing) and preventive (anti-icing) treatments. The product contains corrosion inhibitors and is effective down to -18°C.
APPLICATION Grandi-U2 can be dosed manually or with an applicable spreader. Thick layers of ice or snow must be removed physically before application. General application rates*: De-icing: +/- 50 g/m² - Anti-icing: +/- 25 g/m². Higher dosing may be required depending on the ambient temperature, surface structure and the quantity and quality of the ice/snow.
GENERAL INFO Avoid turbine engine ingestion during use. Hygroscopic product: exposure to atmospheric humidity may cause caking.