Dream Pilot Magic Universal Kneeboard

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The Dream Pilot Magic Kneeboard is a universal pilot kneeboard compatible with all devices. Whether you're using an iPhone or iPad of any generation or an Android phone or tablet of any size, we've got you covered! Dream Pilot Magic Kneeboard is the last kneeboard you will ever need. Our kneeboard is for all general aviation pilots, including ultralights and experimental aircraft. Forget having papers in the cockpit – now you can safely use your favorite mobile device attached to your knee.

The Dream Pilot Magic Universal Kneeboards unique design makes it truly universal. Whether you use an iPhone or an Android smartphone, without MagSafe, the kneeboard will work perfectly regardless of size or generation. All tablets, including the iPad, are supported too.

Using stronger magnets than typical phone mounts to provide unmatched security even in turbulent environments. If you have a MagSafe-compatible device, you can attach it directly. For other devices, we include metal plates of different sizes and shapes to best suit your needs.

The soft, elastic velcro strap is durable and long enough for everyone's needs. This ensures that your device will stay securely in place during even the longest flight.

Dream Pilot Magic Kneeboard is so compact that you can carry it in your pocket; useful when you rent an aircraft and can't leave your belongings inside!