AGC 22 Aircraft Glass Cleaner

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  • Description

AGC/22 is a highly versatile and effective product which removes all marks and stains from both cockpit windscreens and passenger cabin windows. These include jet-efflux, fly, bug and moth debris and water repellent stains, all of which mar the clarity of the cockpit and cabin screens.

AGC/22 is an essential addition to the cleaning regime of many airlines, due to is a powerful, but non-hazardous formulation which is easily applied and polishes to a clean finish.

Product Endorsements

AGC/22 is approved to Boeing Document D6-7127 and is included in Boeing and Airbus maintenance manuals as a recommended aerospace product.

AGC/22 is endorsed by British Airways ' Materials and Processes Laboratory:

"I am pleased to advise that ALGLASTM AGC/22 is used successfully on British Airways Concorde flights operating at speeds up to Mach 2. We find it an efficient cleaner which readily removes dead flies and other debris picked up during flight and leaves windows clean and clear." Barrie Weeks, Development Engineer.