Papa X-Ray

Happy Landings
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By 1985, Saskatchewan-born Jim Lang (guitar) and his wife, Ontario’s own Mary Ackroyd (fiddle), had been living their dream in the music business on the road from Los Angeles to Whitehorse to Frankfurt for ten years. During that time, Jim and Mary had a son, Johnny, who, although only an infant, encouraged them to hang up their instruments and slow down a little. So, Jim dusted off his old teaching certificate and headed the family north, way north.

The Lang’s moved to Nahanni Butte, Northwest Territories. Jim took a job teaching in a one-room school. The only year-round access to the isolated community was by airplane so he bought one. Then he learned to fly. Over the next three years, Jim led the family on airborne adventures that would last a lifetime.

Papa X-Ray is the story of those adventures. The book title comes from the registration letters of the trusty old Lang airplane, a Cessna 172, Charlie Foxtrot Uniform Papa X-Ray. It is an exciting, entertaining and amusing tale by a master storyteller. Ride with the family as they fly through the land of the midnight sun and midday moon discovering wildly spectacular scenery and gentle people while living their own sagas of the north.