Bigatmo Iono Gunmetal Copper Alutra Photochromic

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Shape:          Iono
Frame:          Gunmetal
Lens:             Alutra (copper/brown) P20 Photochromic lens
Mirror:          Silver Gradient
Model No:    0495

Bigatmo Iono 0495 feature advanced Alutra (copper/brown) P20 photochromic lenses which have been developed using pilot feedback and thousands of hours of in-flight flight deck testing.
• Allow you to read instrumentation in high-contrast environments 
• Instantly become darker in bright sunlight and lighter in shade
• Help your eyes remain relaxed and reduce eye fatigue
• Deliver true colour perception and landmark clarity
• Remain comfortable for many hours whilst wearing a headset
Developed with pilots, for pilots: Bigatmo use flight deck testing and pilot feedback throughout our on-going development process. We produce lenses that take care of problematic high contrast environments allowing your eyes to relax, reducing eye fatigue and remain comfortable for many hours even under a headset.

How do the Bigatmo Alutra (copper/brown) P20 Photochromic lenses work? Bigatmo Alutra (copper/brown) photochromic P20 lenses are optimised for high contrast environments, such as flying and driving, where it can be extremely bright outside but where instrumentation is in deep shade. The photochromic element is activated by UV light and so rarely activates on an airliner flight deck due to the thick windscreens. UV penetration into other cockpits and car interiors depends on the screen material and the sun-lenses will activate and adjust accordingly.

Bigatmo Alutra (copper/brown) P20 Photochromic lens technology
• Optimised for high contrast conditions such as the flight deck of an aeroplane or driving a car
• High speed photochromic lens smoothly reacts to bright or shady conditions, keeping your eyes relaxed when you’re out and about
• Lens material composed of NXT, a lightweight and virtually unbreakable optical polymer
• Industry leading anti-reflective, anti-scratch and omniphobic, ‘easy-to-clean’ coatings
• P20 photochromic material intergraded into the core of the lens so it cannot wear off
• 100% harmful UV light blocked

Frame Technology
• Strong, pure titanium fronts with beta titanium arms for comfort
• Remain comfortable under a headset even after many hours
• Benefit from super slim adjustable temples that stay securely & comfortably in place
• Ultra-lightweight at just 20g – including lenses
• Adjustable soft silicone nose pads
• Corrosion resistant and hypo-allergenic
• Individually hand polished to give every frame a unique, beautiful natural finish

Mirror Finish

These lenses have a silver gradient mirror finish. Bigatmo gradient mirrors use a more traditional chromium compound on the top half of the lens to reduce light transmission. This reduces extreme glare from above whist retaining the lens properties below, making them ideal for high contrast environments such as driving or flight deck conditions