In the past, there was a simple choice…
…You could buy a tough pair of sunglasses with poor optical properties, or a fragile pair of sunglasses with excellent optical properties.
Some sunglasses allowed you to read instruments in high contrast environments like the flight deck of an aircraft or when driving a car, whilst protecting you from the bright sunlight.
Some were comfortable enough to be worn for several hours – even under a headset or helmet.
And some were tough enough to protect your eyes by withstanding a high impact… But there was always a compromise.
Exasperated, sitting in front of a table piled high with upmarket sunglasses, we realised that the search was futile. The optician then suggested that if we hadn’t found what we wanted, we might like to design our own…
Determined to push the boundaries of sunglasses technology, a dedicated team of professional  designers, scientists, engineers and optical experts were drawn together to begin a three year adventure.
With unparalleled access to a host of professional jet line pilots, air-racers and drivers and guided by some of the leading figures of the optical world, they perfected a range of sunglasses where compromise was simply out of the question.
The long adventure culminated in Bigatmo’s  2011 launch: a collection of high spec sunglasses, the strongest and toughest on the market, that also deliver true colour perception and perfect clarity of vision. All of this, wrapped up in five stunning understated designs.
Optimised for the aviation, motoring and sports industries, Bigatmo’s advanced technology ensures that the colours of the world come alive.

Every story has a beginning.
This is ours.



Bigatmo Exo Brunello Copper Alutra Photochromic Lens


Bigatmo Exo Graphite HCNB S14 Grey Zeolite Iridiscent Blue 0303


Bigatmo Iono Brunello Copper Alutra Photochromic


Bigatmo Meso, Graphite Frame, Copper P20 HCNB S14 Grey Zeolite Lens


Bigatmo Meso, Gunmetal Frame, Copper P20 Alutra Photochromic Lens


Bigatmo Strato Graphite Grey Zeolite Lens