Rotary Flight


Air Pilot's Manual Vol 1H - Helicopter Flying Training


Air Pilot's Manual Vol 4H - The Helicopter - Technical


FAA Helicopter Flying Handbook (eBook PD)


FAA Helicopter Flying Handbook (eBook EB)


Jeppesen EASA ATPL Training - Performance Helicopter


Professional Helicopter Pilot Studies In Plain English


Private Helicopter Pilot Studies - Phil Croucher


Principles Of Helicopter Flight, A.J. Wagtendonk


A Guide to the Eurocopter EC120


Pooleys Robinson R44


Regarding Robinson R22 Helicopters


Pooleys R22 Helicopter Pilot's Guide


Helicopter Pilots Manual Vol. 1


Helicopter Pilots Manual Vol. 2


The Helicopter Pilot's Manual Vol. 3


JAR Helicopter Manual


The Eurocopter AS350 / 355 Book


The Bell 206 Book


The Helicopter Pilot's Handbook - Phil Croucher


Helicopter - Principles Of Flight - Black and White Edition


Fatal Traps for Helicopter Pilots


Pooleys Pre-Flight Briefing (Helicopters)


Pooleys Helicopter Trial Flight Guide


Helicopter Aerodynamics Made Simple


Cyclic & Collective