Headset Accessories


PA-86A Bluetooth Adapter


PILOT PA95B Power Supply for LEMO Panel Power Headset


Pilot Communications GA to LEMO adapter, PA-93


PA81 Twin Plug > XLR5 / Airbus Adapter


PA81S XLR5 / Airbus > Twin Plug Adapter


Pilot Communications PA-81B LEMO > XLR5 Adapter


Black Ear Covers


Pilot PC Headset Adapter PA96


PA70 Headphone Extension Cable


PA71 Microphone Extension Cord


PA72S - Double Headset Adaptor


PA73 Dual Headphone Adapter


PA74 Dual Microphone Adapter


PA79: Mono Replacement Headset Cable (chrome plugs)


PA-77S Headset Extension Cord


Microphone Plug PJ068B


Headphone Plug PJ055B


Panel Mount Socket Microphone JJ033


Panel Mount Socket Headphone JJ034


PA75US NATO to Twin Plugs


PA76US Twin Plugs to US NATO


PA75UK NATO Socket to Twin Plugs


PA76UK Twin Plugs to UK NATO


UK NATO socket to US NATO plug PA-83


PA-84 UK Nato Plug to US Nato Socket