Insider's Guide to the Magni M24C Orion Gyrocopter

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The Magni M24C Orion 2-seat side by side, fully enclosed Gyrocopter is the flagship of the Magni Gyro range. It looks great, but how well does it fly? Is it really as good as the manufacturer claims or is it all hype?

This book is written by a flying instructor who has extensive experience of all makes and models of factory built Gyrocopters currently available to buy and fly in the UK. In this book he shares his experiences of this particular aircraft providing a full and honest description.

This book is intended for everyone who has an interest in Gyrocopters; whether it is a passing inquisitive curiosity or whether you are planning to buy one of these fantastic machines for yourself. Having a better knowledge of an aircraft will give you confidence when buying one, flying one or simply talking about one.