The NFlightMic is produced by pilots for pilots.  A small business based in Alaska, we are passionate about flying, making awesome products, and delivering amazing customer service.

The NFlightMic is designed to be a universal microphone allowing pilots to take advantage of high-end noise cancelling headsets available on the consumer electronics market.  While we cater to Bose products because of their quality and dominance in the market, the NFlightMic is compatible with any headset with a 2.5mm audio input jack.  This makes the NFlightMic a truly universal and future-proof solution that is backed by NFlight Technology's lifetime guarantee.

Try NFlightMic for 30 days.  If you are not completely happy, we will refund your money.

Lifetime Warranty:  If you send us a broken NFlightMic, we will replace it up to two times, even if the damage is from abuse.  


NFlightMic XLR5 Connector


NFlightMic NOMAD Pro Aviation Microphone GA Twin-Plug


NFlightMic NOMAD Pro Aviation Microphone XLR5 Connector


NFlight Nomad Pro with TSO'd David Clark Aviation Microphone


Nflight 3M Dual Lock Pads (6-Pack)