Multi Engine Flying

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This is a complete guide to multi-engine flying, from the first time a pilot transitions into a two-engine airplane through advanced ratings. Single engine and multi-engine aircraft differ in many critical ways. Covering every one in clear, readable detail. Written with insight by a renowned educator, pilot and aviation expert, this new third edition additionally covers emergency procedures, advanced systems and high altitudes with all the latest Practical Test Standards. It prepares pilots for FAA tests for multi-engine certification with special emphasis on the technology, testing and job market affecting multi-engine pilots and craft including: 

• Aerodynamic properties of multi-engine airplanes. 
• Safety precautions and procedures. 
• Emergency situations. 
• Multi-engine vs. single-engine aircraft. 
• Advanced multi-engine and systems. 
• Preparing for oral and flight exams for the multi-engine rating. 
• Propeller, fuel and electrical system differences. 
• Progressive transition for beginning to advanced multi-engine flying. 
• Changes in FAA Practical Test Standards/Certification requirements. 

Whether you're involved with first time transition – or you're working toward advanced ratings – this book will help you progress effectively and efficiently. 

Paul A. Craig holds a Doctor of Education degree with special emphasis on pilot decision-making and flight-training strategies. A resident of Murfreesboro, TN, Paul is Professor of Aerospace and Department Chairperson at Middle Tennessee State University, a Multiengine Flight Instructor, an Airline Transport Pilot, and the author of seven McGraw-Hill aviation titles.