Peter's TPS-100 Headset

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A passive noise reduction headset with flexible microphone boom. The volume control and right volume adjustment as well as two 3.5mm jack plugs for tablets, iPod, MP3 player, telephone etc. Switchable Mono / Stereo ( be aware that using the stereo mode on a mono intercom results in the loss of one audio channel ).

Includes free TPS Carry Case

1. Over the head style style

2. Steel boom microphone

3. Noise Reduction Rating: 23dB

4. Comfortable Foam ear seals

5. PNR passive noise cancelling


Type: Dynamic (F50)
Operating Temperature: -20 to 70 °C
Frequency Response:100Hz to 8 kHz
Cordage: Straight cord from headset to molded
Sensitivity:95+/-5 dB SPL
plug, 130CM
(1 kHz, 1 mW input per earcup side)
Intercom Connections Plug:
full volume on ear simulator
Earphone Plug: PJ-055( .25"F6.3 phone plug)
Impedance:150 ohms (300 ohms each; wired in parallel)
Microphone Plug:PJ-068( .206"F5.2 phone plug)
Rate Input:100mW
Weights: 530g
Max. Input: 250mW
Headset size range Height: 10 to 14 cm
Microphone and Amplifier:
Color: Green/Black/Pink/Red/Yellow/Blue/Gray
Element Type: Noise-canceling electret
Boom: Spring tension boom
Frequency Response:100Hz to 5 kHz
Operating Voltage (supplied by aircraft ):8-32 Volts DC
Matching Impedance: 150-1000 ohms
Sensitivity:-33+/-4 dB (ref: 0dB SPL=20.0uPa at 1 kHz with 10 Vdc 150 ohms AC load)


Operating Temperature -20 t0 70 °C
Straight cord, total lenght 130cm
Twin plug - PJ-055 and PJ-068
Size range Height 10-14cm