PIVOT A22A (Grey) Atlas Series For iPad 10th Generation

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  • Description

The PIVOT Case A22A supports the features and accessories for the iPad (10th generation). The detachable PIVOT Smart Edge seamlessly allows connection to the Apple Magic Keyboard Folio*. The PIVOT Pencil Grip securely holds the Apple Pencil (1st generation) and similarly sized styluses. Specialized case features facilitate flawless Wi-Fi, GPS, and LTE signal reception

The A22A Folio Cover offers quick-viewing support in landscape orientation with a selection of viewing positions. Use the Folio Cover in combination with the PIVOT Kickstand for viewing with enhanced stability and a wide range of adjustable viewing angles. The PIVOT Kickstand is reinforced with internal ribs for strength and offers 120-degrees of adjustability in landscape orientation, as well as table-top viewing in both landscape and portrait orientation.

Please note : This version has a Grey Body with a Black Clip on the Reverse.

Key Features:

  • Supports the features and accessories for the new iPad (10th generation).
  • PIVOT Connection: Quickly and securely attaches to any PIVOT mounting solution.
  • 360-degree Protection: Unbeatable damage protection from drops, impacts, and scratches, exceeding exacting performance standards without unnecessary bulk or weight.
  • PIVOT Smart Edge: Compatible with the Apple Magic Keyboard Folio.
  • PIVOT Folio Cover: Upgraded features provide superior screen protection when in transit.
  • PIVOT AirTag Socket: Never lose your case or iPad! Securely and discretely accommodates the Apple AirTag to ensure that your device is trackable even if it has lost all charge or has been powered down.
  • PIVOT Kickstand (2nd generation): Thicker and reinforced with internal ribs for unbeatable strength and durability. The new PIVOT Kickstand features 120- degrees of adjustability to support a wide variety of horizontal viewing angles, while also supporting vertical viewing.
  • PIVOT Pencil Grip: Provides secure storage and protection for the Apple Pencil (1st gen.).
  • Minimal Contact Design: Only a small fraction of the case directly contacts the device, minimizing heat transfer and allowing air circulation through vents in the case back.. Minimal contact decreases the potential for scratches on the iPad device, maximizing future resale or trade-in value.
  • Flawless Signal Reception: Specialized case features ensure unimpeded Wi-Fi, GPS and LTE signal reception.

Tech Spec's:


  • Width: 7.43 in (188.82 mm)
  • Height: 10.12 in (256.94 mm)
  • Thickness:  0.81 in (20.55 mm)


  • Case Empty: 0.492 lbs (0.223 kg)
  • Case + Folio Cover Empty: 1.03 lbs (0.470 kg)
  • Case + Folio Cover + iPad (10th gen.): 2.09 lbs (0.947 kg) 


  • Case Shell + Folio Cover: Hardened Impact-Resistant Polycarbonate, TPU Rubber


  • iPad (10th Generation)