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The essential guide for every autogyro pilot. Clear, Compact and Concise.

Autogyros have ben around for decades and are those amazing looking toys that shouldn't really fly... the Gyro Quick Guide will tell you all about this wonderful aircraft and how it actually flies and continues to fly.

The Autogyro marked a departure from conventional fixed wing aircraft. Then can fly slowly due to a phenomenon known as autorotation, where the rotor is un-powered and is made to spin by aerodynamic forces alone. Many important technologies for helicopters were first developed for the Autogyro. Its ability to fly at very slow speeds and remain very manoeuvrable coupled with its inability to stall make it a very unique type of aircraft.

Go on learn to fly the dream. There is no better way to fly.

This book complements the 2009 British Rotorcraft Association Syllabus for the Private Pilot's Licence (Gyroplanes). It keeps it simple, precise and focuses on the main aspects flying exercises with essential briefing notes. Also includes information and guidance notes for the qualified pilot.