Skyox 9 Cubic Ft, 2 place regulator

Sky Ox
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supplied empty and without padded bag

    The Skyox system includes a pressurized cylinder with oxymizer cannulas, lines, a flow indicator, quick disconnects, and a spare mask. When empty, the system is easy to refill with aviation-grade breathing oxygen (MIL-027210, Type1) . Its lightweight aluminum cylinder is easy to fasten to the back of a cockpit seat, making it truly portable. 

    The adjustable flow regulator allows you to set by altitude or special flow. As you change altitude, adjust the flow control valve for more or less oxygen (the upper gauge shows altitude and flow setting, the lower gauge shows remaining cylinder pressure). Note that the SK 12-6 oxygen system´s flow does not have to be adjusted if using more than one outlet. You can easily check the charts provided with cannulas for proper flow setting. This oxygen system´s oxymizer cannula reduces oxygen usage over 50%, when compared to others on the market. It can be used up to 18,000 ft, and stores oxygen in a pendant reservoir. The pendant rests on your chest, not your lip. You are free to drink a beverage & talk in total comfort.

    • Cylinder Type Aluminium
    • Cylinder Capacity 9 cubic feet
    • Oxymizer Duration 8:07 Hours
    • Mask duration 2:45 Hours 
    • 2-Place system has (2 nasal cannulas, 1 mask)
    • 4-Place system has (4 nasal cannulas, 1 mask)